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Special Sauce on Google Play


Save a list of your favorites daily specials!

You can then choose what your special of the day is by sorting your specials by closest to you, name, or tags that you have created.

View a list of Recommended specials in your area!

You can also easily recommend specials to others in your area the same way you add specials.

See a list of the specials your friends enjoy!

When you connect to Facebook you can view all of the specials that your friends have created, and turn them into your own!

Help and Tips

Why do you ask for a login?

To be able to save and follow specials, and to be able to recommend specials to others.

Where do all of these recommendations come from?

The recommendations are created from other users. When you create a special, it's automatically shared. If you don't want to share it, unrecommended it, you greedy b.

What if I only go to a handful of places?

Then special sauce is the perfect app for you! With special sauce you will be able to find tons of new places that you may have previously not even known to have exist.

But I'm broke!

Perfect! With special sauce you will be able to see all of the places to eat with a budget!

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